Health and Fitness Resources

Get free access to health and fitness resources to help you get started in your weight loss journey or to help you switch to a healthier lifestyle. Download these free vegan, Keto, yoga, gluten-free, paleo and juicing ebooks that are perfect for beginners.

We have helpful vegan ebooks and guide that can help you learn about the basics of vegan, how to transition to a vegan lifestyle, benefits of plant-based easting, vegan superfoods that you can incorporate into you diet and more. Download these free vegan ebooks today to start living a healthier lifestyle and achieve your fitness goals.

7 Super Foods for Vegan Athletes Ebook
If you are a vegan athlete, then you have come to the right place, as we will look at 7 such superfoods that can be incorporated into your daily diet.

5 Reasons Why You Should Eat Plant Based Food Today Ebook

Whether you want to save the animals, become healthier or simply feel better, the plant-based nutrition is a great option for those of us who want to be a better and healthier person. 

The Vegan Green Book

Being or becoming a vegetarian is something that is never to late in life to do. The health benefits that you will get from switching from being an omnivore to a vegetarian are almost countless.

The Miraculous Power of Fruits & Vegetables
Discover the hidden healing powers of fruits & vegetables to boost your immune system, sharpen your mental clarity, and relieve stress.

Vegan Diet Guide
  This book will help you to learn the basics of going vegan and how it can benefit not only your body and mind, but also the world around us.

Vegan Warrior Ebook cover

Vegan Warrior: Green Athletic Fitness Blueprint” contains proven steps and strategies on how to begin your own vegan diet, how to maintain and acquire the type of body you wish on a vegan diet and presents to you athletes and prominent individuals who debunk some of the greatest myths when it comes to the world of vegan eating.

Start a Keto lifestyle by downloading our helpful Keto ebooks and guides perfect for beginners. These resources can help you learn how to get started with Keto, basics of Keto lifestyle, Keto recipes you can try and helpful tips on how it can help you get in shape, lose weight and reach your ultimate health goals.

The Bulletproof Keto Diet ebook cover

This book is a framework. You basically work with your existing diet and you switch gradually over to a ketogenic diet and you stay there. This way, you experience less psychological internal resistance to your lifestyle change. This is less a diet book as it is a lifestyle-modification book.

Ketogenic Diet 101 ebook cover
Learn the basics of keto diet, its tremendous health benefits in addition to weight loss and keto recipes you can try.

Top Ketogenic Foods & Recipes for Fat Loss ebook cover
Find out how keto diet works and learn about the different types of ketogenic foods and recipes that can help you lose weight safely.

Begin your yoga practice using our free resources that include yoga ebooks made for beginners, guides that can help improve your practice, and tips that can help those who want to embrace all forms of yoga and benefits such as weight loss, mindfulness, improving flexibility and more. Download our free yoga ebooks to help you understand how this practice works, learn different yoga poses and reap its extensive health benefits.

This eBook will try to demonstrate different techniques of yoga. This is perfect if you have never tried it before then, since these are basic techniques of yoga.

Yoga Secrets Revealed ebook cover
Discover the secrets of yoga including the physical benefits, mental power and spiritual enlightenment. For most, it’s the spiritual awakening that turns yoga into an important part of their lives.
Yoga Basics Plus ebook cover
Use this complete beginner’s guide to yoga to learn about the different types of yoga, their benefits, and yoga equipment & accessories.

Learn about the best yoga techniques today that can help you burn calories. Find out how producing equilibrium in the body by formulating both strength and flexibleness can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Yoga for You ebook cover

Modern medicine may claim to save a life at a vital stage, but, for pure recovery and recovering of normal health, one should look into in the efficiency of Yoga therapy. Learn about the healing art of yoga and how it works in a slow, subtle and marvelous manner.

Absolute Yoga ebook cover
Master yoga for health and tranquility. Take your yoga practice to another level to help boost your mental power, pave way to spiritual enlightenment and become a better version of yourself.

Use these Paleo resources that will help you understand Paleo diet, its benefits, list of Paleo approved foods, tips on how to help you get started with Paleo lifestyle and help you stick with this diet.

If going Paleo sounds like the right choice for you, then look no further. This guide will help you to get started on this rewarding journey to eating foods that were meant to be eaten, the way they were meant to be eaten.

Take a look at some ideas and strategies that can help you integrate the Paleo diet into your life so that you are able to stick with it over the long term.

Navigating the Paleo Diet ebook cover
A beginners guide to navigating the Paleo diet in a modern world, which gives you an overview of one of the best choices you can make in regards to overall health & a natural way of eating, Paleo approved foods and tips to help you get started today.

Check these gluten-free resources that are perfect for beginners and those with diagnosed with celiac disease and gluten intolerant. Download these free ebooks and gluten-free recipes to help you start your gluten-free lifestyle.

Gluten-Free Diet Basics ebook cover
Learn about the basics of gluten-free diet, its health benefits, learning how to get sufficient amounts of the nutrients you need to stay healthy without compromising your decision to avoid gluten, simple gluten free meal options and more.

5 Easy Steps to Getting Started on a Gluten-Free Diet
If you are gluten intolerant or you were diagnosed with celiac (your body cannot digest the gluten protein) you have to go all gluten-free. Deciding to do it just for kicks could be helpful, but you need some education in the matter to make sure that your body will not suffer the future diet. Here are 5 easy steps you can follow if you want to be gluten-free.
Gluten Free Lifestyle ebook cover
Learn about the secrets to excellent gut health and how to start a gluten-free lifestyle. Use this guide to help you avoid the pitfalls of gluten-free, adapt to a gluten-free diet and more.

Find out how juicing can help cleanse, heal and nourish your body by downloading our free juicing ebooks. Discover fruits and vegetables that can take your workout regiment to the next level and smoothie recipes that are perfect to help you lose weight, build muscles and transform your overall health.

10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse ebook cover

Increase energy, lose weight, and feel amazing with this 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse. Learn how smoothies can transform your health, the best smoothie recipes perfect for weight loss, muscle building and others, and how you can fit them in your daily routine. 

Juicing for Exercise ebook cover
Get ready to learn all about the ultimate warriors of the juicing world. You’re going to discover the nutrients, the fruit, and vegetables that enhance your workout, boost your staying power, and help you take your exercise regimen to the next level.

Green Smoothie Lifestyle ebook cover
Drink your way to a slim, energetic and youthful life. Learn about the best fruits and vegetables you can use to create perfect smoothies that can help improve your overall health.