How To Set Up A Resistance Bands Door Anchor Attachment

It is super important to understand how to set up and use your door anchor properly, since resistance bands essentially create a super powered slingshot. YOU DO NOT WANT YOUR BAND(S) TO BREAK FREE WHILE YOU ARE WORKING OUT.

The written descriptions of proper door anchor set up can be super useful, however we know that many of you would rather see it demonstrated on video. Click on the link to see How To Set Up Your Resistance Bands Door Anchor Attachment

The two types of anchors: Small Stopper and Big Stopper
While most band systems include a door anchor attachment, they are not all the same. They come in different shapes and sizes. The set-up and use of your anchor will vary, depending on the style of anchor that you have. The two most common types of anchors are ones that have a small stopper and ones that have a big stopper.