Now is The Best Time to Start a Meditation Practice

The best thing to do right now is trade out some of your time from useless entertainment and start a meditation practice.

Meditation helps you:
-To be with yourself
-Take off the constant irritation and edge
-Become more intuitive and non impulsive

-Make clear spontaneous decisions without inner conflict
-Stop wasting energy in fear and worry, instead putting your energy into creativity

I will share a great technique I’ve been practicing for years. A Buddhist technique called mahamantra or humming meditation.

Step 1: Set intention to unclutch(more below on unclutching)
Step 2: Sit straight with closed eyes and freeze eyeball movement, freeze tongue movement then immediately forget about the eyes and tongue and back
Step 3: Hum as load as possible and as deeply as possible during exhalation of breath. Then follow with a quick rapid inhale. Do this continuously.
Step 4: Close with an intention to hold and expand whatever awareness has been awakened in your inner space during the rest of your day and actions.

Insights on the technique:
-Humming should sound like the pronunciation of “mmmmmmmmm”
-The sound generated should come
from navel, gut.
-You are only humming during exhilaration. There is no humming while inhaling.
-You should feel the whole body has become the humming sound
-Allow the humming sound to cut through your inner thought chatter and infuse your inner space with restful awareness
-Remember meditation is cleansing of your inner space. Usually more thoughts come up when you start meditation so don’t expect some peace or bliss. Just be with yourself and and with the awareness generated by the technique.
-Don’t try to suppress thoughts or stop thinking. Just continue empowering the restful awareness happening between thoughts. This is called unclutching. Continuously unclutch internally while doing the technique.

For best results. I recommend 21 minutes for beginners and 42 minutes for advanced. But even 2-5 minutes is helpful in shifting your inner space. Enjoy!

– Soma Rasa

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