COVID Tips: Running Hack To Not Touch Your Face and Grocery Shopping / Takeout Tips To Stay Healthy

Can you run or walk outside AND stay healthy during the Coronavirus outbreak? It’s important to keep everything in perspective and your health as the main priority right now. But there are a few things you should do when you’re outside for exercise that can help you workout and maintain the best practices from medical professionals regarding COVID19.

Reminders for Walking or Running Outside:

  1. Be sure you are able to run or walk outside and stay at least 6 feet away from others. (Different areas have different ‘rules’ or guidelines for this so check on this for your local area.)
  2. Your health and the health of the people you’re around is the main priority. Don’t put yourself or others at risk of getting sick. This may mean cutting your run or walk short to avoid congested sidewalks or areas.
  3. Don’t touch anything. This includes – surfaces that may have the Coronavirus as well as your body. Don’t touch your face, pick your nose, rub your eye, bite your nails, [insert other gross habit here], etc…

Running Hack to Avoid Touching Your Face

One hack that I’ve been using while I run is to wear a neck gaiter. I’ve seen this also called a Bandana, Headwrap, Scarf, Gaiter, Tube Mask and various other names.

They can be worn for so many different activities from hiking to mountain biking and now… running & wiping your nose.

I got one at a trail race a long time ago and would pull it out to wear every once in a while in the winter.

Well, recently I realized I liked the extra neck warmth (these are usually very thin and not actually warm, but I’m in southern California so I don’t need a full on fuzzy scarf).

Using a neck gaiter is a good option to use for wiping your sweat, tears, mocos, drool, etc. Since it’s around your neck it’s an easy option to grab and wipe while running. And most importantly it can help keep you from touching your face while out running.


I ordered a 6 pack of neck gaiters from Amazon like these. I wear it while running and then wash it before using it again.

Note: Wash it after every use since you’ll be touching it with your hands. And don’t wipe your face with the same parts that your grabbing it with your hand.


How to Keep Your Food Safe During Coronavirus Outbreak

I saw this video yesterday and think EVERYONE should watch it. Please share it with your followers, friends, enemies, etc.

Doctor Jeffery VanWingen shows you how to stay healthy and avoid getting Coronavirus through the foods you buy at the grocery store and take out food. It’s very well done and a very tutorial on what to do after you go to the store and are unpacking your food.


This is the most current video for New CDC data, safe takeout food practices, and an updated practice for safe grocery shopping/handling.

Remember COVID19 is highly contagious – so do your best to wash your hands, avoid people who are sick, don’t touch your face, take care of yourself, exercise, relax and eat fresh organic whole foods!

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