Secret To Prevent Resistance Bands From Snapping

This leads to our secret for preventing your bands from ever tearing, and breaking: The secret is identifying the point where the band has reached it’s limit of elasticity, and then NEVER stretching it beyond that point.

To learn the signs of a band being stretched beyond its limitations, let’s do an experiment with a smaller example of a resistance band, a rubber band.

Get a thin rubber band and grip each end tightly. Now slowly pull it in opposite directions and stretch it. It should be easy to stretch at the beginning but then it will become more difficult to stretch. Eventually, the band will hit it’s limit of elasticity.

Do you feel that?? Once you hit the limit, the rubber band will feel like a string – no give at all. That is where you would need to stop stretching. Okay, keep stretching… The band broke, right? The same exact action takes place when you stretch a larger resistance band.

Is there a rule of thumb for how far you can stretch a band before it loses it’s elasticity? Yes! Most bands, regardless of what factory produced them have very similar stretching profile, and should not be stretch more than 3 times their resting length.

So if your bands are 4 feet long when they are not stretched, you will be hitting dangerous territory when they have been stretched to 12 feet. Beyond that length you will risk damaging the latex and causing a snap.