Top 5 Resistance Bands Lat Exercises For A Wide Back

To get the most out of any Lat exercise you need to know what the Lat Muscles do. The Lat is the biggest muscle in the back muscle group, and it attaches to the underside of your arm. It acts like a pulley system, pulling your arm down from straight out in front, or top the side.

After recording hundreds of brutal back workouts with exercise bands, I can definitely tell you which ones work best.

Before we get started with the best exercises I want to give you a little tip that is going to make a HUGE difference in your results. This little tip is super simple. Here it is: keep your hands relaxed during the exercises.

You see the the Lat muscle is a pulling muscle, but it’s not alone. There is another muscle group that is involved: the Biceps. If you end up using the Biceps as you pull, then you will not be effectively working and isolating the Lat muscle. For years, I did one arm back row with heavy resistance and all I felt was an arm pump. I never felt my lat muscle until I implemented this trick.

We know that many of you learn better by watching video. If this is the case watch the video version of this blog post HERE

Otherwise, check out the exercises below: